Fish Mate Pond Filters

fish mate pond filters

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  • Pond was a grunge band from Portland, Oregon. They formed in 1991 and broke up in 1998. They were signed to Sub Pop (first two albums) and the Work Records sub-label of Sony Records (last album).

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SMOOTH SAILING.... what I'm wishing you all this week. I have probably said before that the RV park where we stay in, near San Diego, was originally supposed to be a water treatment facility. It has seven ponds which filter the water from surrounding limestone hills, which is then recycled and used to water the landscape within the park. So, altho' it is desert, lots of plants are able to survive there. It is also a popular place for birds and I was looking forward to the photo ops. However, we usually leave the campground in early April and I was surprised that many of the birds I'm used to seeing were gone. It seemed odd that they all flew North, but with the exception of the mallards and wood ducks, I saw only a few coots, of which there had been hundreds, the single green heron, one GBH, and some terns (I think). I asked some fellow birders and was told the municipality which owns the campground had driven many of the resident birds away with water they stock the lake with fish and the birds were "stripping" the lakes of all the fish and discouraging the fishermen. So now I'm discouraged and will do further research when we return next winter.
I walked the perimeter of all the lakes one morning and was very happy to see this egret with mating plumage....but was sad to see that there didn't seem to be any potential mates around, when previously these lakes had about 15-20 egrets. This bird seemed quite content to forage around the edges of the first lake, whereas before, there would have been competition and carefully spaced birds along much of the shoreline.I'm posting this as it gives the illusion of more than one bird and I'm really hoping, that the lack of these beauties is just evidence of spring migration, and nothing more sinister.
I have tried to catch up before posting and I want to thank you all for looking and commenting. It is fun to see what y'all have been up to and to hear about the weather where you are.It seems that it has been a weird Spring in Washington State is no exception, with a very delayed Spring. There are still some lilacs in full bloom and I actually saw a late tulip a few days ago. But things seem out of sequence in that I've seen some flowers that you wouldn't expect at the same time.
I will probably post some further California pics because, although I finally got an external hard drive, I need to install it before downloading anymore pictures. Grandchildren are very compelling subjects, especially mine, who are so cute, even tho' I do say so myself! Haven't had a lot of time to play on the computer, umm except for the Google guitar, which we are trying to learn how to play the Harry Potter theme on!

Mate & Música

Mate & Música

Dos vicios mientras trabajo, el mate y la musica.

Nota: mirar el mate "de fortuna" que me hice con un cacharrito de un yogurt de Nestle. ;)

fish mate pond filters

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